I have had the pleasure of working with lots of incredible people and I love supporting them to achieve their vision at all stages of their creative journey. Here's what some of them have said about their time with me.


'Hannah is a gifted, insightful and supportive dramaturg. She really has the ability help me to polish my work. She is clear, understanding and patient. She is able to help you understand the problems in your work and give appropriate ideas to fix and redraft, whilst pointing out its strengths. She makes the whole experience extremely positive and rewarding. I recommend her to anyone.'  Peter Darney (Director Em-Lou Productions)

'The conversation and feedback I received from Hannah on an early draft of a manuscript was vitally important to the sustained development process. I had a good understanding of what I was doing, why I doing it and how to do it, but Hannah's precise and comprehensive suggestions reinforced the foundations of this manuscript, giving it a real sense of backbone so the work could confidently lift it's head and metaphorically strut down the street. It was a crucial turning point in my own creative process. Hannah's ability to empower artists to mould, refine and innovate places her among one of the most important people you can bring to your table.' Ciarán Hodgers (Spoken Word Artist)


'Hannah has been a wonderful coach and mentor to me. She is able to bring the best out of her clients and has been instrumental in boosting my confidence, helping to bring about personal empowerment through her skills and knowledge of  communication, story telling and psychology. She's a consummate trainer, performer, writer and presenter. Her passion for story telling is matched with expertise. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.' Sophie Walsh-Harrington (Psychologist and Comedy Performer)

'Hannah's workshop was incredibly energising, playful and inspiring. It really helped me climb inside a character's body and explore how it might feel to be that person in a way I have never experienced before.' Sky Hawkins (Poet/Scratch Tyne facilitator)

'Hannah's workshop showed us that many of the skills actors use can make us better poets as well. And she taught these to us in a way that was accessible and loads of fun.' Rowan McCabe (Door-to-Door Poet/Scratch Tyne Facilitator)


‘Working with Hannah as my tutor was an absolute pleasure. It can be a daunting prospect for a student, to have a one on one tutorial, especially one that will dissect the fruits of their creative labour. Hannah created a warm and generous atmosphere in which to work in and went above and beyond in her role as writing tutor, not only helping with my dissertation, but also my Drama School applications. I dare say without her encouraging advice I may not be in the privileged position I am in now.’ Chris White (Actor/Playwright and former BA student)

'I loved the creative writing course. Hannah created a relaxed and creative atmosphere that was incredibly stimulating and nurturing. I left every session feeling inspired and revitalised. There was a lovely balance of different writing genres and mixture of discussion, short exercises, and sharing work. I definitely felt my confidence improve with every session and would recommend the next course to anyone.' Natalie Quatermass (Director/Vandal Factory Theatre)

'Working with Hannah has helped me to raise my long-form storytelling piece into a piece of storytelling theatre. She rapidly grasped the soul of the piece, gave me confidence in decisions I had already made, and then, with clarity and energy, helped me towards staging strategies which fulfilled its intentions. Her wide experience as a theatre-maker and writer allow her to get straight to a performer's areas of challenge and assist them to climb over them.' Dr Catherine Heinemeyer (Researcher and Storyteller)

'As someone with no professional writing/creative experience Hannah's course was a great way to get me to really think about writing and dedicate some time to it (without feeling guilty!)... such a supportive and encouraging teaching style which was amazing.' (Creative Writing student)

'A great experience for someone who has never written a poem before.' (Creative Writing Student)

'Words can express feelings and you more than helped me in doing so. Really inspirational.' (Creative Writing Student)

'A lovely safe supportive environment. An important place to develop confidence and skill.' (Creative Writing Student)