A one-day workshop for women business owners and entrepreneurs to develop confidence and skills in public speaking.

ThIS day will provide the tools YOU need to stand up and deliver YOUR message with vision, clarity and strength.


SUNDAY JUNE 23 9am - 5pm



For more details and to reserve your place please contact Hannah here.


‘This course is a rare opportunity for any woman wishing to improve their confidence or skills in verbally show casing themselves or their business. Hannah provides a safe and welcoming space within which to explore and develop, you will emerge in touch with the presenter you always dreamed you could be.’ 

‘Very practical, the teaching was great! I learned lots of techniques for nerves and about how I give information across. Loved giving a signature speech at the end of the day.’

‘Hannah was brilliant at creating a relaxed and safe environment in which we could face our worst fears. She cultivated a positive and supportive atmosphere and the peer-to-peer feedback was really helpful and encouraging. It was a fun day that made a real difference.’


Drawing on my creative and performance skills as writer, theatre-maker and spoken word artist, I will guide you through a day of fun and engaging exercises designed to build confidence and develop expertise in communication, presentation and delivery.

  • To function at its best the voice needs to be taken care of. Learn how to use and treat your voice with love and care.

  • 90% of communication is non-verbal. Discover ways to stay in control of the physical messages you present.

  • Every speech is a story. Learn how to construct a good one.

  • Repetition gets results – make time for yourself to explore your developing skills in a no pressure environment with an experienced mentor and the friendly support of other women.

I always foster a safe space in my workshops. I believe that we achieve our best when we are supported, challenged and having fun. This one day course will provide tools and techniques in vocal and performance skills to enable you to stand up and express yourself with assurance and ease. I use a playful and imaginative combination of theatre, writing and vocal performance exercises and will help you discover your own voice, guiding you through any blocks and anxieties with tailored feedback and positive encouragement. 

This is a fun and inclusive day for women entrepreneurs who want to develop their public speaking style so they can present their best selves, their own unique voice and their strongest business message.

I am a writer, theatre-maker and multi-slam winning poet, and regularly speak and perform my work all over the country. I trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and since graduating have written and performed across TV, radio and theatre. I have a PhD from the University of York where I won the Vice Chancellor's Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2012. 

I believe passionately in the power of words, and in helping women to find, deliver and own their chosen narrative.

I hope you can join me for a fun day of speaking up, larking around and getting gobby!

Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam at the Albert Hall 2018

Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam at the Albert Hall 2018